Monday, September 07, 2009

Tuesday, Sept 1: Full day at Jeju

Hedi and Jim went scuba diving for their full day at Jeju. Laura's family just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

Laura and I walked around the hotel area. Hi Hah dah buh gee!

Laura got to swim indoors. The outside pools were freezing.

The hotel lobby.
The beach. The water was really warm.

The steps to go back up to the hotel.

Then Laura swam again. We didn't know that swim caps were required.

Ymo and Jimbo got back and changed. Jimbo decided he wanted to wear his pajama pants.

After snacks and drinks at the Executive lounge, we went to the Lotte hotel because there was a free laser light show.
It was 20 minutes of "are you kidding me?" and we were pretty disappointed.
We walked around and at the Lotte hotel, they have 3 giant brown ugly windmills. One of the windmills actually has a small store that carries Dutch souvenirs. You know, I think it's because when I go to visit Korea, I want to pick up some souvenirs made from Holland.

We also went to the casino there and there were only a handfull of customers. There were more staff than gamblers. Apparently in Korea, if you are a Korean citizen, you are not allowed in any of the casinos except for 1 area in Korea. How crazy is that? We played a couple of slot machines and called it a night.

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