Monday, September 07, 2009

Our trip to S. Korea

Our flight began on Thursday, August 27, leaving Boston at 8:30am and arriving in Korea at about 6pm the next day (a total of about 19 hours of flying) after a connecting flight in San Francisco. We just checked into the hotel and crashed. We stayed at the Millenium Seoul Hilton Hotel where our cousin works and got the royal treatment.

On Saturday, we started our day early. This is Laura on her cot on Saturday morning.

We had breakfast every morning at the Executive lounge for free.
Hotel lobby.

After breakfast, we visited my aunt who is 89 years old. My dad's oldest sister.

Then after coffee and fruit, we went to visit my grandmother (my mother's side of the family) at her home. This is the condo lobby.
She was at the sauna so we took a quick trip to Star Super and bought snacks and sampled a bunch of stuff at the grocery store. Laura liked the dried fish.

We ate lunch at the cafeteria.
Then we came back to visit my Hal Muh Nee. Here are some hats that Ymo bought for her.

Then went back to the hotel.

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