Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Here is Laura sleeping with her new friend, Ernie.

Thomas and Laura being bad throwing mulch all over the place.


Thelma & Louise

Well, 22 months has not been that eventful. Besides some small trips to the Aquarium and Buttonwood, the days have been melding together.
Laura's understanding has increased dramatically to the point that she tries to interrupt conversation if she understands something from it.
Additionally, she is obsessed with injury. If she had her way, she would have a permanent bandaid on her knee. She had a small scrape on it months ago and she constantly says "Ow", "boo boo", "hurt", "bandaid" and will kiss it over and over again. When she got her Ernie doll, I pulled a piece of string from his foot and she wanted me to put a bandaid on it (which I did, reluctantly) and then she kept kissing it and wanting him to feel better. Oy, I hope this child doesn't decide a future in medicine!

On Sunday, I tried a potty experiment. I put underwear on her instead of a diaper and kept reminding her to use the potty. She was in her pajama top and underwear most of the day. She was very good with no accidents. I ended up putting a diaper on when she took a nap so she went through just 1 diaper the whole day and night. Phew! I'm still so reluctant to take away the diaper b/c of my complete aversion of cleaning up pee!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Buttonwood Zoo

August 5th. Sunny gorgeous day, a bit hot.
Being single parents for the weekend, 'Omi' and Laura got to visit the Buttonwood Zoo. It's a small zoo in New Bedford, MA which is very cute, very clean and perfect for small children.

Thomas being a "bad boy" in a HUGE puddle.

Sad elephant
Laura with otter

This was a huge stuffed bear at the eatery. Both kids were scared of the bear and would only wave to it from a distance.

Billy goats

Large Beaver

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Laura is turning into such a girly girl. She likes having barrettes in her hair and her fingernails and toenails painted. She only starts acting tomboyish when she is around Thomas.

Laura loves to paint and color. Favorite color is green. She always picks the green crayon, paint, marker or paper. She's also very clean. She doesn't get it messy around the table and if it gets on her hands, she wants to have it wiped off.

This was a playdate with Thomas. Notice the red sock? It was falling off of Thomas' foot so she took it off and put it on her foot. Talk about mirroring.

When I picked her up from daycare, this was what she was wearing. She apparently got her pants wet so the daycare provider put on the replacement pants that I had given her (they were size 12 month!) They're like trendy capris!

New experiments with her hair.

What Laura will eat:
Black olives
salad with ranch dressing
Zucchini in tomato sauce
Chicken (sometimes)

What Laura LOVES to eat:
Tomatoes (especially grape tomatoes)
frozen blow pops
candy (which she RARELY gets)
Oreo cookies (only the cream part)
French Fries (LOVES)
cole slaw

What Laura doesn't like to eat:
Broccoli (won't even touch it!)
Potatoes (mashed or baked: won't touch it)
eggs: scrambled, egg salad (tolerates)
Pork (no only in potstickers)
ground turkey/beef (sometimes)
beef (no)

She's turning into a vegetarian