Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday January 28, 2007

Thomas' family came over for dinner.
I told Laura that they were coming about an hour before their arrival and she was so excited. She kept running to the door and expecting them to come in.
When Thomas did arrive, she just cried and whined all night long because he was playing with her toys. Granted she did not sleep well the night before and did not have a nap. What a terrible hostess.
Thomas was a good boy throughout the evening except for dinner time. He taught Laura how to play with food and she imitated everything such as repeatedly putting salad in the cup then out on the plate, mashing the mashed potato in her hands, swirling their food in their bowl! Anyway, they both hardly ate any of their dinner and their entire meal consisted of this photo where they were competing to see who could wolf down the most carrot cake.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

It rubs the lotion on its skin

This is what happens when you leave a bottle of lotion in the hands of a 2 year old with 5 minutes of alone time.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Why does it seem that I am always seeing a doctor for Laura during a holiday?
Today is cold and rainy. The last couple of nights, Laura has not slept well. She seemed to have a low grade fever last night (plus she is all acting needy and whiny which I finally realized is a sign that she doesn't feel well (yes, it has taken me this long)). Yesterday, I noticed a lot of crusting in her eyes and a little shade of pink. By this morning, she could barely get her eyes open because of the crust. blechhh.
Anyway, I took her to the pediatrician today and she has a low grade fever of 100.4, has conjunctivits (duh) AND ear infections in BOTH ears (apparently they go together). Augmentin twice a day for 10 days. No daycare tomorrow which has screwed hubby's schedule. No picture for a while due to downloading malfunction on the camera. I'll have to get that fixed soon. I'm sure everyone is just so disappointed at not seeing some nasty pink eye.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Look at this shiner! I'm sure one of many to follow. Hubby says "I wouldn't be surpised if she breaks her arm soon".
Sunday morning after breakfast we went upstairs to have her change and she said "NO". So I beat her mercilessly, no urr, scratch that...
So I was chasing her around with one article of clothing at a time. First chasing her and catching her, taking off her pajama top then running back to get her shirt. She was shreaking and laughing and we kept chasing each other back and forth. When I went to get her pants, I heard the thud and then the pause then the uncontrolled screaming. It happened before, maybe 3 to 4 months ago in the kitchen when she was running around. It's probably because her feet and body are growing too fast and her coordination hasn't caught up (she is the same height as the boy across the street who is 8 months older than her!). She would run so fast and trip over her feet and land full force right on her face! OUCH!
The impact was so hard that I could see some bleeding from the gums on her bottom teeth with a rim of a hemmorhagic blister at the gumline. Poor baby. I'm thankful that she didn't break her jaw!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Holidays.
Not very festive this year. We didn't even put a tree up. BLASPHEMY!
Here is a package that Laura got from her grandmother. Toy makeup, fannie pack, and snacks. She especially loves the lipstick.

Laura at mommy's work. All dressed up. No daycare due to the holidays.

Laura's present from Thomas. A dollhouse. She LOVES this present and has been playing nonstop with it.

Her trip to Tampa with her father for Christmas to see Janise and family.

Back home after Christmas to open her presents.
Look at these AWESOME gifts from Santa!

More salami to end the holiday season.

New years eve. The family went to see "Happy Feet" for the 7:15pm show. Laura started getting antsy at the halfway point but did well overall. Came home and tried to keep Laura up but she collapsed by 10:30pm. Then the parents collapsed by 11:30pm and didn't even see the fire works on tv. LAME-O. Happy New Year!