Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another lame event

There was a promotion at our gym sponsored by Radio Disney. The only reason I went was to try to get some free tickets to Disney on Ice. None of the regular kids that usually go to the gym were there so Laura was not very enthused. In fact, she was downright uncomfortable and held onto my leg at the beginning of this thing.
We started by standing in line for a LONG time to get this airbrush tattoo. Very pretty and with sparkles (I secretly wanted to get one too).
They had all these young people doing these stupid games and they only selected a few kids to participate so there was a lot of crying going on. Plus all of the trivia was on Disney shows which Laura does not watch. There was a craft table so Laura made a few things.

She participated in a few of the games at the end but she was not really happy. I kept asking her if we could leave but she still wanted to stay! Ridiculous!

Her team lost b/c the last kid on Laura's team didn't know how to bounce.

We spent the whole day at the gym. This event ended at 1pm. I put her in the daycare there for an hour while I played tennis from 1 to 2pm. Then we had lunch that I packed and then she went swimming till 4pm. Phew.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dried seaweed is like crack

I made bulgogi last night and Laura wanted kimchi and gim with it. She went a little crazy with the dried seaweed.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Laura and I invited ourselves over to Thomas' house. We haven't spent any time together recently and Laura has been begging to go over.

I don't know what is so funny.

They played together with all of Thomas' toys. This is Ned's head where there are cards and they have to take disgusting stuff like dirty Q tips and his little brain out from his ears.

We only stayed for a couple of hours. I think Laura wants to live with them.

I have been wanting to see Avatar since it came out but I'm afraid to take Laura because I think she will get scared in the middle and want to leave. Thomas and his parents have seen it and this is them trying to convince Laura to see the movie. Yeah, right.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More food

When I came down on Saturday morning after showering and changing, Laura had already started making a smoothie for breakfast. She was showing her dad how to make it.

We didn't do much on Saturday except hang out and take a walk to her school. It was a balmy 48 degrees! She was complaining on the way back and wanted me to carry her. HA!
On Sunday, we did our regular routine of going to the gym to play tennis. Then after a very late lunch, Laura wanted to make some homemade oreos. She made a giant mess all over herself.

She ate 2 big cookies before going to bed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's because I'm on a diet.

First thing, I forgot to post these pictures from last week. We got a package from cousin Steve and Jodi.
Cute stuff. Pink pencil holders with lots of zippers. Laura already put all of her pencils into this.
A cute clutch.
Christmas ornament "cowbell" made out of bullets.
And lots of these chocolates that Laura ate all of.

On Sunday, nothing too exciting. Tennis as usual but after the clinic, I took Laura to the racketball court and hit some balls with her. She is getting better. I think she is ready for some lessons.
We came back home and I made her tacos for lunch. Yes, all of the remaining photos are of food and Laura eating. I can't help myself. I love when Laura eats and taking photos of her eating. It must be a mother/nurturing/hormone thing AND I'm on a diet.
She wanted jalapenos, banana peppers and hot sauce on top!

After lunch, we ran some errands and then came home. Laura wanted to make some rice Krispies treats so she got into her full cooking garb and went to work.

Oh I also forgot to post yesterday that Laura ate lunch and then had a couple of spoonfuls of coconut ice cream that I bought. It was an organic brand. She started clearing her throat like she had something stuck in it and kept doing it over and over. I made her drink some tea. Then we went to my bed for a nap. We slept for about 30 minutes and she seemed fine even though in the back of my mind I kept thinking "get a towel, get a towel". Lo and behold, as soon as I woke her up, she upchucked volumes (I mean volumes) of vomit. I even cupped some in my hands and put it in the sink but it wasn't enough. It soaked through everything. This reminds me of the vomiting incident at fancy restaurant in Korea! I did laundry all night and had to clean the mattress (it went through the thick mattress protector). I won't be giving Laura any coconuts products any time soon.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

More swimming

Laura hasn't had a swimming lesson since last year sometime but she continues to surprise me at how much better she gets every time I bring her to the pool (even though it is pretty infrequent). She is very comfortable in the water. I must sign her up for the next round of lessons.

Friday, January 08, 2010

au naturale

This is what Laura's hair looks like with zero product in her hair. I told her that it looked like she had an afro and then she told me that that was a bad word.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Another birthday party and more snow

Laura went to yet another birthday party. It's endless. This was at the same place that her classmate Michael had his party. This time it was Shane's birthday.
Dodgeball with a giant ball.

More and more snow. Instead of dumping, it just kept coming in waves. Maybe a couple of inches at a time. I should have taken Laura sledding but it was too cold and blustery.
She likes taking the snow off the car.

We decided to build a snowman but the snow was too powdery and wouldn't compact. I ended up using a shovel to "build" it. It kinda looks like a gigantic chick and laura used twigs for its hair.
Vacation is over. Laura heads back to school tomorrow.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

I wanted Laura to stay up to watch the fireworks on tv last night but she crashed around 11pm so I saved the bubbly for today.
We toasted to a new year. I hope it is a healthy and happy one. Cheers. I know, I know, I don't have champagne flutes so I just used regular wine glasses.
Mmmm. Yummy.
Gulp, gulp.
Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp...
She guzzled it. This is her 2nd bottle. She loves this stuff.