Sunday, September 20, 2009

Laura's 5th birthday!

Laura has been so excited about her birthday. She's been badgering me for weeks and asking if it's her birthday yet.
Vivica and her sister showed up early.
Then Thomas arrived.
And little baby Aliza.
The day was gorgeous so the kids played a lot outside.
Laura ran into the house and said that they found a bunny outside and they could pet it. I figured, that it had to be a wild dead rabbit but I was wrong. It was a floppy eared rather large tame rabbit. They were chasing it and petting her for a while and then her owner finally showed up and said that she had escaped her pen.

They played pin the tail on the donkey.
This is her ridiculous dancing Barbie cake. It was actually very tasty.
Happy birthday, my little girl. She had a great time.

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Yo sista said...

Thomas' face in that third bunny picture is friggin hysterical. Looks like it was a fun birthday party. Waited for your call but figured you guys were beat from the party planning. Happy 5th Birthday, Laura!! I love you, goodbye.