Monday, September 07, 2009

Saturday and Sunday. The last of our trip.

Saturday, we said goodbye to Ymo and Jim. They left 1 day early.

After breakfast, we took a cab to Insadong and walked around. Calligrapher.

We stopped at this restaurant for some yummy neng myun (cold noodle soup). Yummy. Laura ate most of my lunch!

Then she had a shark popsicle.

We visited my grandmother again and met up with a couple of my mom's best friends.

We ate at Star Super again and went back to the hotel.
We flew out the next morning and was upgraded to economy plus which gave us an extra 5 inches of leg room. That was luxurious! We had a 4 hour layover in San Francisco. These are pictures of Laura playing in the kid's section. Pretty cool.

We are back but have yet to adjust to the time change. Back to reality. It was a super trip. Hubby wants to go back next year!


Anonymous said...

Helen! I loved these pictures! What a wonderful trip you had - especially as it was so filled with family, whom I am sure were SO happy you visited. Dude, your grandmother looks great for 89! It really looks beautiful. I hope you guys have an easy time with the jet lag and best of luck to Laura starting her new school.

Talk soon!


Laura's mom said...

It was a really great trip. We all had a great time and went much better than I expected. Laura start school tomorrow and it's weird but I'm kinda nervous! What's up with that?! Talk to you soon. I can't believe it's Sept already. I wish the summers were longer. Love you!