Sunday, October 26, 2008

The wedding

Laura ready for the wedding.

The limo ride to the church.

My aunt and uncle sang a lovely duet and there was not a dry eye at the church.
After the ceremony, we had to stay at the church for photos. Laura was cranky and had a meltdown. I don't think she got in most of the photos.

When we got to the reception, we gave Laura something to eat and she was back to her usual happy self. She must have been hypoglycemic because we didn't eat lunch before the ceremony. BAD MOMMY!

My dad, me and my brother, Jimmy.

Me and Ymo

My dad was dancing it up.

Right before the cake cutting, Laura was almost passed out from all the excitement.


We had appointments at Dazzles for the gals. We got a little room in the back for the bridal party with snacks.
Hedi gets a mani.
Carolyn gets a pedi.
Laura got her first "real" haircut and she was very nervous. We had to do a lot of bribing with balloons and lollipops. Afterwards, she was totally fine and her usual self.

This dryer was HOT!

Rehearsal for Hedi and Jim's wedding

We arrived at the hotel at 4pm on Friday.  Rehearsal was at 5:30pm at the Lady of Loretto church.
Laura says hello to Ha dah buh gee, my brother James in the back, my uncle from Korea.
My uncle and aunt.

Hedi prays that the wedding will go smoothly.

The rehearsal dinner at Hudson House.  Really nice next to the Hudson river.

Cousin Steven and Jodi.
Maddy and Laura goofing around.
They ended up playing in the alcove next to the bathrooms.  Nice.
Laura passing out from the excitement.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I had a coding lesson at 7:30 AM (preschool opens at 7:30 AM) for work so I dropped Laura off at Thomas' early so they could take her to school.  Then in the afternoon, I picked both of them up b/c Thomas' dad and mom were working late.
Laura showed Thomas her Polly Pocket collection.  They played princesses for a while.

Then after dinner, they kept guard against the basement door to prevent the vampires from coming in.
The highlight of the night was Thomas telling all of us that he would like to be a small round piece of poo.