Tuesday, September 29, 2009

jump rope

Laura came home and jumped rope the whole night only stopping to eat dinner and take a bath. She watched some of the bigger kids jumping rope at school and now she's addicted.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Laura's 5th birthday!

Laura has been so excited about her birthday. She's been badgering me for weeks and asking if it's her birthday yet.
Vivica and her sister showed up early.
Then Thomas arrived.
And little baby Aliza.
The day was gorgeous so the kids played a lot outside.
Laura ran into the house and said that they found a bunny outside and they could pet it. I figured, that it had to be a wild dead rabbit but I was wrong. It was a floppy eared rather large tame rabbit. They were chasing it and petting her for a while and then her owner finally showed up and said that she had escaped her pen.

They played pin the tail on the donkey.
This is her ridiculous dancing Barbie cake. It was actually very tasty.
Happy birthday, my little girl. She had a great time.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Early birthday present

Laura got an early gift from "uncle" Wonton.

She only wishes it was real!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cheater stromboli

Laura and I made stromboli made out of ready made pizza dough. She had gym class today so she wore her gym clothes to school. When I picked her up, Laura proclaimed that she does not like gym class.

So far, she likes school but doesn't like to stay for the afterschool program. I picked her up at the usual time between 5:30pm and 6pm and she said that I was too late picking her up.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today, I woke up at 1pm. Hubby woke up at noon and then came back to bed to check if I was dead because I have never slept that long. I kept checking all the clocks because I couldn't believe I slept that long. We all slept more than 12 hours. We woke Laura up shortly after and it took a while to get her up too.
Just as well since it was rainy all day. We didn't do much of anything but vegged out.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Saturday and Sunday. The last of our trip.

Saturday, we said goodbye to Ymo and Jim. They left 1 day early.

After breakfast, we took a cab to Insadong and walked around. Calligrapher.

We stopped at this restaurant for some yummy neng myun (cold noodle soup). Yummy. Laura ate most of my lunch!

Then she had a shark popsicle.

We visited my grandmother again and met up with a couple of my mom's best friends.

We ate at Star Super again and went back to the hotel.
We flew out the next morning and was upgraded to economy plus which gave us an extra 5 inches of leg room. That was luxurious! We had a 4 hour layover in San Francisco. These are pictures of Laura playing in the kid's section. Pretty cool.

We are back but have yet to adjust to the time change. Back to reality. It was a super trip. Hubby wants to go back next year!

Thursday and Friday

Most of Thursday was spent with my dad getting his business affairs in order. Then Ymo and Jimbo went on a sightseeing tour. We went to the Hyundai Department store and had lunch at a noodle shop. It was yummy.
Laura ate her dad's spicy noodles. She was getting pretty good with those chopsticks.

After we got back to the hotel, Laura, her dad and I walked down to the local shops near the hotel.

Then for dinner, we met with my grandmother and my uncles and aunt for a fancy Korean dinner. This was like a 10 course meal with tiny dishes.

Laura was eating some of the dishes early on and I noticed that she was developing a red rash around her mouth and she started whining. We knew she must have eaten something that she was allergic to. She just sat in her dad's lap and was miserable. I made her drink 3 glasses of water. Her breathing was fine so no need for the epi pen. After a while, I was feeling guilty so I had her sit on my lap and in 15 minutes, she vomited everything onto my dress. Nice. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and came back to the dining room and Ymo said, "Are you going to stay and finish dinner?" and I was thinking of how appetizing the meal would be with my vomit soaked dress permeating my nostrils. Laura, her dad and I took a cab back to the hotel. I showered and Laura went right to bed but requested some chips from the lounge. Uh, that would be a no.
After I changed, my uncle picked me up and we went to my eldest uncle and aunt's new dental clinic. They have a small memorial room dedicated to my grandfather.

He prepared a slide show of some old photos of us. It was very sweet. We also got gifts from my aunt.
The next morning, I gave Laura her gift from my aunt. A beautiful hanbok dress.

After breakfast and a little workout at the gym and pool, we drove to Itaewon. Laura and her dad got some Burger King for lunch.

For dinner, my dad's side of the family came to meet us at the hotel and we had dinner at The Season. It was buffet and full of great food.