Monday, September 29, 2008


Bubbles on the window.

Bachelorette party

I left for Disney World on Thursday evening without Laura.  It was for Ymo's bachelorette party!  We went to Hollywood studios on Friday, Epcot on Saturday.  Poor Laura was not included in the festivities.  

I got her some gifts from my "work conference".

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

On Sunday, we stopped in New York City before heading back to Boston to visit with Thomasina and her family.  They moved into a beautiful new place and was having a house warming party.
Laura was intrigued by their lovely cat and kept asking me what happened to Kato.  (Poor Kato has been gone for several years and I tell her that she ran away and she keeps asking, why, why, why?)
Thomasina and her mother (my dearest friend from high school).

This is Marlene who is Thomasina new baby sister.  What a sweetie.Thomasina, her daddy and Marlene.

We drove back to Boston and picked up dinner at McDonald's.  At home, there were more presents waiting for Laura including this beautiful butterfly crystal fancy spancy necklace from Minsuh.

Her card has cutout fairies that Laura was completely enthralled with.

Laura was very happy with her birthday.  We're also going to have a pizza party for her at school on Wednesday.  Happy birthday my little girl.

Laura's birthday

Saturday, September 20.
Laura got dressed and then cuddled back into bed to watch some tv.  A special treat for the birthday girl.
We did some errands first and got my dad fitted for his tuxedo for the wedding.  Laura knocked down one of the mannequins and almost had a melt down.  As soon as she did it, she kept saying over and over in a loud voice "I'm sorry, I'm sorry".  
Then we brought some mums to my mom's gravesite.

We stopped off at Target and my dad bought her this etch a sketch thingy.  We had dinner at Outback steakhouse.

We stopped and got a small Carvel ice cream cake and celebrated Laura's birthday at my dad's place.

Instead of laughing and acting happy, she was all verklept acting like a 39 year old woman on her 40th birthday.  Oops, that's gonna be me.  Oy veh.

Then Laura and Ymo watched the Little Mermaid Beginnings.  

Bowling and Zoe's house

Friday, September 19, 2008
We went bowling with my dad's friends again.  Laura wasn't that into it and gave up after only 1 game but she did do a lot of dancing.

We went to a Korean/Chinese restaurant for lunch.

Then in the afternoon, we went to visit Zoe and Aaron's house.  I played tennis with their dad and Laura played with the kids.
Walter is such a good dog.  
Zoe and Aaron consider beating each other "playing".
I told Zoe and Aaron to smile for the camera.

We had a great time and I over stuffed myself with sushi.  

Another Philly trip: Thursday September 14, 2008

Laura and I drove down to Philly on Wednesday and arrived late afternoon to Ha dah buh gee's place.  We just hung out and went to a nearby playground and then had dinner.  I took this exact picture at the playground 2 years ago.  I guess her head has not gotten that much bigger.
On Thursday, we drove down West River Drive and stopped at the back of the art museum. The weather was gorgeous and we walked around and took in the sights.  They did a lot of work around this area.

I went to the rest room and when I came back out, she was soaked.  My dad was hiding from her thinking that she would freak out but she didn't even notice.  

Then we went back to my dad's and had a snack.  Blue cheese and crackers.  This was Laura's first time eating stinky cheese and she loved it!  


An old photo I found with a young Ha dah buh gee holding some kid, me and my uncle in the back,  Ymo in the front with hot pants and a belly shirt.  Somchun Jimmy looking oh sooo coool with his hand on his hip.