Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thomas came over!

It's been a long time since Thomas came over.  I picked him and Laura up at school today.  They started dinner with some asparagus which followed with hotdogs and mac and cheese.  They both ate a ton.

I asked Thomas to give me a smile.
They played around for a little bit and then Thomas requested "The Little Mermaid" video.  It doesn't seem like he was very interested in the movie.
They had some strawberries for dessert.

Thomas was so bored he started playing with Laura's Polly Pockets.  Poor kid.
Surprisingly there was very little fighting and they both had a good time together.


Yo sista said...

What a romantic night out. Are you going to chaperone all of Laura and Thomas' dates?

Laura's mom said...

Uh, I was babysitting. And yes, I will be chaperone until she's maybe 21.