Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Thomas!

We were invited to Thomas' 5th birthday party tonight!
The kids eyeballed all the candy before dinner.
Thomas ate candy for dinner tonight and started with these UFO discs filled with tiny candies.

There was also booger candy!  Yummm.

Birthday Cupcakes.  These cupcakes were really yummy.

Laura helped with the presents, of course.
The aftermath.
Laura tried out some of Thomas' presents.

Then while Thomas played by himself with his new toys, the girls had a dance party in the kitchen.


minsuh said...

I'm glad Thomas is five. He is that much closer to an age when we can legally wed...

Yo sista said...

Oh, did Thomas get a cell phone for his birthday? Haha. Wow. Can't believe he's five already! Happy birthday, Thomas!

Laura's mom said...

Only 13 short years. I'm sure you will still look like you're 21 so I think it is worth the wait.