Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catherine's birthday party

One of Laura's friends from preschool had a birthday party at Kids Club Fun Land.  Laura had a blast.  It was a small party with 0nly girls except for Catherine's little brother.
Laura was so excited and completely in a crazed high energy mode the entire time.  It was 2 hours of crazy.  
Laura really impressed me today because after playing some of the games, she got some tickets and ended up "winning" this plastic ring.  She ended up losing the ring during her wild playtime and instead of coming to me in anguish and whining about losing the ring, she ran directly to the counter and told them that she lost her ring and negotiated with them, ultimately getting herself another one.  I just watched in complete and utter shock.  I never would have done anything like that as a child.

When I watch this video, I wish I was a child again.

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