Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Milky Way/Bella Luna parade

Laura and I went to the Parade for The Milky Way/Bella Luna Lounge's move to their new location.  We got there a little late just before the parade started.  The crowd thinned out quickly and we got to meet Mayor Menino!  Laura was not happy because she missed out on the free balloons.

We quickly joined the parade and it was really awesome and had a great neighborhood feel.  I miss living in Jamaica Plain.   There were a lot of kids, dogs and this percussion band that was loud and really rockin.

We got to the new location and had some hot cider, hot chocolate and cupcakes. 

This nice young guy gave Laura his balloon and it made her day.

When we made the trek back to the car, Laura said "My feet are slow" because she was really lagging behind and tired from the festivities.

It's still chilly but these little flowers give me hope that the warm summer will be here soon.

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