Friday, February 01, 2008


When I pick Laura up from preschool, she is either in this purple dress or a black dress with a big silver bow on her head.
Today, when I picked her up, she had scratches all over her face. She was in a fight with her friend, Rory, who is no longer invited to her birthday party that is 9 months from now. The exact cause and what actually occurred is not clear but apparently there was some biting and scratching and lots of time outs.
To make Laura feel better, I let her do some dishes tonight. I know, I'm such a good mother. It really made her day.
Here's the video to prove it. I wish Ivy League schools would give out scholarships for dishwashing because she would be going straight to Harvard.


Yo sista said...

What happened? Those teachers don't have a better explanation?? WTF? Turn off the water when she's doing the "dishes". I think you wasted 20 gallons on her one cup.

Laura's mom said...

There were no adult witnesses. There's a small room on the side with the computer and usually there's no teacher there.

I knew you would comment about the water. You should see how long we have to put it on to wait for the hot water. Terrible.