Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This week

Happy Valentine's!
We've been crafty this week. Laura made some cards.
I put lipstick on her so that she could put poh pohs (kisses) on her cards.
Here she is kissing one of her cards.

She also helped me make cookies for her school. Who needs a mixing stand when you have a child to do it for you! I made sugar cookies but messed up the dough. I doubled the amount of butter so it was soooo difficult to work with. It took forever and was very painful and the cookies were obviously very buttery.

In between all of this, Laura caught some bug and was vomitting. She woke up at 2:30AM and had vomitted all over her bed, pillow, sheets so she hopped into my bed. I stayed home with her today. Here she is being a complete bed hog. For some reason, whenever she is in my bed, she becomes horizontal and I always have to shove her to the other side. Today she was all better and back to her normal self. She helped me decorate the cookies. She didn't like the cookies and only ate the candies on top.

Here's a picture of me and my siblings with my mom that my sister sent to me today. I love the expression on our faces and my brother's Dorothy Hamill hairdo.


Yo sista said...

Did I get a card from Laura?? I want one! We're not doing anything for V-Day. I said NO flowers until the wedding!! I love that photo of us. Boy were we dirt poor. That apt. was teeeny tiny. I loved my argyle stockings. Maybe that's why I still love argyle socks?

Laura's mom said...

I remember that chair. It's the one that our bro sat in when I threw the can on his head. Oh, the memories.