Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We went to Stella's in the South End for a fairwell dinner on Tuesday night for one of Laura's Daddy's colleagues. We didn't realize that it was a bit upscale. If we had known, Laura would have gone to Thomas' for the night. Anyway, we stayed and Laura was a really good girl sitting in her chair for 2 hours for the entire meal. This is Laura after 2 sips of my Mojito!
She only ate olives and french fries for dinner.

She entertained herself by reading her new books and using my camera to take random pictures. Some of her pictures were actually pretty good.
Self portrait.

Here's my entree. Looks good but it was just ok. I got Laura pasta with sauce and she didn't touch it.

We finally got home well after 10pm and her daddy put her to bed in her clothes.
While he was putting her to bed, he said "I love you, Laura".
She said "I love you, daddy. Turn off the light and shut the door."

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