Saturday, February 23, 2008

More snow!

I picked up Laura early on Friday due to the snow. We got about 9 inches but it was nice and fluffy. We stayed out and played around in it. Laura was planting a twig in the snow.

On Saturday, I made a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon and Laura and I set out for a sledding adventure. Here she is with Matthew before we set out for our little trip.
I got her bundled up in her snow suit and boots.
We took a quick trip to Thomas' house to borrow his sled. He'll be back from Australia tomorrow. Laura has been missing him.
Weeeee. We had so much fun. I rode down with her a couple of times but she hogged the sled!

We were exhausted.
Laura kept herself well hydrated though.

Then we had some hot tea and crackers in the car and mommy took a well needed nap.

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