Sunday, February 17, 2008

President's Day weekend

Nothing exciting this weekend.
Friday night: Laura had a chance to look through all of her Valentine's cards and candies from her classmates.
On Saturday, I heard her get up in the morning and being very quiet. She came down about 15 minutes later dressed in this outfit, pantyhose and all.
I bought this stand from IKEA so that she can do artwork and her letters on the board.
Sunday: More miscellaneous shopping. We went to Old Navy and Linens 'N Things. I was looking for an item and turned around to see her in this massage chair.
You must know how strict I am when you look at this picture. Here is Laura eating dinner with no intention of eating her Valentine's candy that is sitting right in front of her plate.

There was crazy weather on President's Day. It was about 60 degrees with high winds and crazy rain. Laura and I went to Ikea again b/c there was a free "Magic show". We went to the 11am show. Laura was shy and wanting to sit on mommy's lap and being all needy. See the tongue "I'm feeling uncomfortable" look?

The Magician.

The look she gave me when I made her stand up b/c my legs were about to fall off from her sitting on them for 1/2 hr.

Then we drove to her daddy's work for lunch.

A quick trip to Trader Joes and our local bakery and down for a nap.

From Dr. Seuss' ABC book:
This is what she is saying: Painting pink pajamas, policeman in a pail, Peter Pepper's puppy and now papa's in a pail.

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