Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, April 11

After Laura's swim lesson, we went to her school for "Mother-daughter tea party". Laura was very excited about this event. She wore her flower girl dress from Ymo's wedding but wanted to wear a pink shirt and lime green capri's underneath. Uh, ok, Laura, I think that matches really well.
After being there for 10 whole minutes, she was whining because there were vendors selling dolls and clothing and she wanted me to buy her an American girl doll. I had to give her a good talking to outside the gym. Look at this pouty face.
She perked up after eating some sandwhiches and then watched the fashion show.

Then we had some dessert. Lots and lots of dessert. Laura had maybe 5 or 6 mini muffins and I ate a ton of cookies and other baked goods that even slightly looked appealing.

Then there was a freeze dance competition. It was well run and the good thing about this was that after being eliminated, all the girls got a small prize. After Laura's friends were eliminated, she deliberately kept dancing so that she would get booted out to get her prize.

Then the girls spent the rest of the time playing with their dolls on the floor and under the food table.

It ended up being a gorgeous day so I took Laura to Millenium park. We flew her new butterfly kite that we got from the Butterfly Place but it was seriously too windy so she ended up playing mostly at the playground and had a great time.
We ended the day with a healthy dinner of grilled beef over salad and ate outside. This was to counteract eating so badly at lunch.

It was such a nice weekend. I'm so sad it's already over.

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