Sunday, December 06, 2009


Saturday was cold and rainy so we didn't do much besides stay in and watch a lot of tv. Laura and I stayed up till 11pm to watch "The Incredibles" on tv. We woke up early to a sunny snow covered day.
Before breakfast or even brushing out teeth, we were outside playing in the snow. Laura was excited. It was only a small amount so I wasn't freaking out.

She wanted to go sledding even though I kept telling her there wasn't enough snow!

She was very excited about the snow and then requested that we bring her tree down from the attic. I brought the box down and she proceeded to set it up herself and began decorating.
I had to help her properly put the tree up but she decorated it by herself.
She likes to put things in clusters as you can tell.

We then made the star to go up on the top. Instead of painting or coloring, she glued some tinsel to it.

Ta dah! We're all set for Christmas.

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