Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend 2009

We drove down to Philly on Tuesday night and arrived at 2am Wednesday. We stayed at the Homestead Hilton.
On Wednesday, I spent most of the day getting the food ready for Thanksgiving. I picked up Ymo and Jimbo that evening.
On Thanksgiving day, we got to my dad's and everyone was eating lunch. Ymo was sick and Jimbo looked sick.
My aunt and uncle joined us for the holiday and drove up from DC and brought my brother with them. My sister and her hubby spent the whole day making this very complicated stuffing and ended up burning it. It was sadly inedible and was thrown out. We ended up eating Stovetop stuffing.

My uncle and Laura.

Laura was sneaking in some kimchi soup before dinner.

The turkey came out really good. Well brined and perfectly cooked.

After all that work, dinner was eaten in about 15 minutes.
The next day, Laura got to swim at the hotel pool.
We also got to visit Shuchi and Jock's twins and Jackson. Laura acted very motherly, holding and kissing the babies.

Oliver and Simon.
We left on Saturday to brutal NJ traffic and got home at midnight.

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