Friday, November 06, 2009

Cactus Pear

I bought a couple of cactus pears from Haymarket today. The person that I bought it from said it was sweet and that we should eat the seeds because it is good for digestion.
Laura was intrigued and so was I.
The flesh is a dark gorgeous pink color.

The fruit is very mild and sweet. It does have a pear like flavor. It is filled throughout with really hard seeds that can't be chewed so I just swallowed them. Laura had a harder time swallowing but she liked it. It's a cool fruit.

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Laura's mom said...

Just an aside, there are tiny tiny prickles on these cacti. I didn't notice until later when I rubbed my thumb. They are really tiny like the tip of a needle. Laura kept getting bandaids because her thumbs and finger was hurting and I managed to pull 3 small ones out of her finger and thumbs and then she was completely fine. We'll know next time.