Saturday, June 06, 2009


We all went to the Chestnut Hill Mall today to look for glasses for Laura's dad.  Laura had to try out some frames, of course.
I like the red ones!
There was some horticulture event happening on at the mall with different landscapers and the 4 H club brought cute soft bunnies.  They were really cute and Laura got to pet this little guy.  

Laura also got to plant a sunflower and brought it home.
Then we all went out for some ice cream.  Laura's new favorite flavor is fat free black raspberry yogurt.  No lie.  This is the 3rd time in a row that she has asked for this flavor. 
At 3pm, we went to Rayan's birthday party at his home.  They rented a Moonbounce and the slide!  I was so excited, I mean, Laura was really excited.  The kids went wild (I got to play on this too, heehee).

The boys found a snake in the back yard and killed it.  Poor snake.  The kids were all fascinated by it.   Laura felt bad for it.  How much do you love Vivica's (girl on the right side) expression?

This is Rayan's cake with an adorable alligator.
Rayan's got a flameless candle so his dad lit a match for him to blow out.
I don't know when kids stop getting excited by bubbles.  The all went crazy.  Look at them!
Laura had a blast.  There were a ton of kids at this party and the Moonbounce was genius.  The kids played on this nonstop and then were completely wiped out by the end of the party.  

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