Thursday, June 18, 2009


Laura had her graduation today for Kindergarten 1.  Here she is with her friend, Lilah.  They will be going to the same school next year for K- 2.

This is Rory and Adriana.  Laura has a love/hate relationship with Rory.  They are either hugging and playing together or viciously fighting like cats and dogs.  
The Kindergartners wore blue hats.  Preschoolers wore red.

Thomas will be going to K-2 with Laura next year as well.  Oooh boy.

Start humming the song: Dah da da da daaa daaaa.  It's funny because at home, Laura was humming the wedding march.

Thomas and Laura held hands down the aisle.  Awwww.

They sang a song for the parents.
Thomas RAN to get his diploma.
Laura just sauntered over like a clown.
Speaking of clowns, Violet the clown showed up.  Laura told me that "Violent" the clown was going to be at graduation but she wasn't scared of her anymore.  Oh, my little girl is growing up so fast.

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