Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phillies vs. Red Sox

Laura, her dad and I drove down to Philly on Friday.  It took about 8 hours and she was a trooper in the car but right before the George Washington Bridge, she vomited all over herself. Poor little girl.  It was not a good car ride.
Saturday, we all went to Geno's for cheesesteak just before the game.  I'm embarrassed that it was the first time that I tried Geno's (I haven't tried Pat's either).  It was fair in terms of cheesesteaks.  I didn't get the hype.
Laura's dad got us some great seats along the first base line. 
Yes, Ymo is wearing a Met's cap.
There was a rain delay so we went down to the field for some pictures.
It ended up being a nice night but Hah dah buh gee was not happy that the Phillies lost.  Sorry daddy.

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Yo sista said...

I was waiting for this post. Hey, I took a great picture! Dad was glad the Phillies won today, tho. Thanks again for the tickets.