Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing with my camera

I'm sloooooowwwwly  learning how to use some of the settings on my camera and playing with the Aperture.

Here's a pretty teapot music box that someone gave me.  I put it in Laura's room because it's so cute.

Here is the sunflower seed that we planted on Sunday!  Laura was so excited when she saw it and ran out of the room screaming "IT'S GROWING!".


Yo sista said...

Nice! First two shots are perfect! Alas, the third (because of the flash). May be time to invest in a good flash.

Laura's mom said...

I took shots of the sprout with and without the flash and the color just did not come through very well. Took some pictures of Gene's basketball game last night and used different shutter speeds and some came out pretty good.