Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday, December 7: Hollywood Studios

Laura begged me to go swimming in the morning so I took her to the pool. The water was warm but it was windy and freezing outside. I let her swim for about 10 minutes and then she was whining that she didn't want to come out. This girl is such a fish.
We met up with friends with their 4 boys at Hollywood Studios. Laura was all shy and needy in the beginning but eventually warmed up to them, especially Jonah who is the closest to her age. They were buddies. She hasn't seen them since we visited them in Baltimore more than 2 years ago. (now there's 4 of them)
The adults went on this and it was much shorter than I remember. I have fingernail marks in my leg from Trina (boys' mom).
The kids hung out and watched some street acts and ate popcorn.

We got back to the hotel and went to ESPN restaurant for dinner.
This is their newest addition, 18 month old Tziyon (sounds like Zion). Such a cutie pie.
After dinner, we went back to Hollywood Studios for the Osbourne light festival. It was really spectacular.
It also snowed.
After tasting it, we realized they were soap bubbles. Blech.

Then just before closing time, we went to the Star Wars store and the boys had to get some make it yourself light sabers. It was so complicated that even their neuroradiologist father couldn't figure out how to put these things together.

We got back to the hotel after 11pm and crashed.

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