Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saturday, December 6th: Magic Kingdom

Laura and I spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom while Laura's dad drove down to Tampa to watch BC football lose to VA Tech .
Laura gobbled up a hotdog before going on Splash Mountain. She watched as people were screaming down the flume and I told her it was really scary but she still wanted to go.
Here we are ready to go on the ride. She doesn't look too confident.
The ride started off pretty fun with all these animatronic squirrels, rabbits and bears, then it got dark and creepy and that's when Laura started crying and weeping out loud and begging me to get off. This is the photo of us on the ride. We are all the way in the back and Laura is huddled under the seat behind that guy's left arm. After the ride, she was completely fine and kept telling me how scary the ride was. After that, any ride that I told her was a little scary she didn't want any part of. See, I'm such a good mom.
Here is Laura riding the Dumbo ride with total strangers because her mom can't do any rides that spin. I did this the whole day asking random strangers to take my child on the ride with them.

We went to Ariel's grotto.
We waited 45 minutes for this. Ugh. I hope she remembers this.
Ariel was very nice and spent a good amount of time with her. Laura was shy. She did get her autograph.

Then we went to Mini Mouse's house.

Then we spent another 30 minutes waiting to meet the other princesses.
Sleeping Beauty.
And Belle. She was the nicest and spent the most time with her. Don't they look like mannequins?

I think she ate about 4 of these during her trip.

Then we went on the racetrack. Laura drove while I pushed the pedal. After we got off, we went on it for a second time because she liked it so much.

Magic Kingdom parade. Eh.

Maybe she was praying for some more of those ice pops.

It was very cold so I bought this sweatshirt for myself. Laura wore it all night and managed to spill almost every piece of food that she could find on it making it utterly unwearable.
We went to Boma (African restaurant) for dinner at Animal Kingdom lodge and then crashed.


Yo sista said...

Love the photos. Was Laura into it? She's bopping away to the parade, I see. Was Boma as good as it was when we went there? Yummmm...

Laura's mom said...

Laura had a good time at Magic Kingdom. But I'm noticing that she has a better time when there are other kids so she had more fun when the boys were around. She laughed and played around much more with them.
Boma was good. Not as good as the first time. Menu was different from before. Her dad didn't like it.

minsuh said...

First of all, weren't you JUST at Disney World? How many times can a grown woman drag her family to an amusement park!? Dang.

Second of all, I think you should never tell kids that rides are scary before they go on. It ruins the whole surprise! You're supposed to say that she will see puppies and daffodils. Let her decide for herself what's scary. You totally psyched her out!

Third of all, Ariel is the hottest Disney character. It was totally worth the wait... unless you're dead inside and don't believe in alternate universes. I wonder if the other girls are jealous of her and try to hide her mermaid tail in the employee locker room...


Laura's mom said...

I know, I was just at this place in Sept. Blame the husband for this trip because he wanted to hang out with Jay and his family.
I had to tell Laura that it was scary so that she knows that Momma is ALWAYS right. I know, it's a control problem. Maybe I didn't get the satisfaction enough as I child "HA, I TOLD you sooooo!"
Ariel was definitely hot. I loved how she swished her tail and you should see her autograph! all girly with bubbles. I'm sure the other princesses are jealous. They don't get their own little space. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle all had to hang out in one room while the kids are dragged through like a conveyer belt.