Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disney: Friday December 5, 2008

We arrived at Disney just past 3pm. 
We stayed at the Dolphin hotel.
We ate dinner at Picabu which is essentially fast food place at the hotel and not very good.
Laura and I took a walk around the hotel and Laura had to check the water temperature for all of the pools.  It was chilly.  She kept begging me to go swimming with her that night.

She wasn't very excited to be here.
After dinner, we walked the Boardwalk and stopped at ESPN restaurant for some drinks and a milk shake. Laura was not very happy because I ate the cherry on MY milkshake so I had to get her one of her own.  The bartender gave her 3.


Yo sista said...

Come on! Where are the rest of the photos??

Laura's mom said...

Patience, whipper snapper. I'm working on it.