Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The weekend

We didn't do much this past weekend. Hubby worked all weekend. The weather was rainy and very windy. Laura restarted her swimming class on Sunday.

She also decided that she needed a haircut and snuck a pair of scissors into her room and chopped away at her hair. She was being so quiet in her room that I knew that something was up. She was hiding behind her door and stuffing the cut hair into her trash can.

When I took her to the gym, she was chewing on something and I asked her "What are you eating?" and she said "My booger" as if that was completely acceptable and delicious. Blech.

Doesn't she look like a teenager already? All slumped over and concentrating on some small thing. She spent 1/2 an hour combing this little dolls hair and trying to tie her hair up. In about 10 years, this will be her texting on her phone or something and saying "stop bothering me, mom!".

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