Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

On Sunday, we stopped in New York City before heading back to Boston to visit with Thomasina and her family.  They moved into a beautiful new place and was having a house warming party.
Laura was intrigued by their lovely cat and kept asking me what happened to Kato.  (Poor Kato has been gone for several years and I tell her that she ran away and she keeps asking, why, why, why?)
Thomasina and her mother (my dearest friend from high school).

This is Marlene who is Thomasina new baby sister.  What a sweetie.Thomasina, her daddy and Marlene.

We drove back to Boston and picked up dinner at McDonald's.  At home, there were more presents waiting for Laura including this beautiful butterfly crystal fancy spancy necklace from Minsuh.

Her card has cutout fairies that Laura was completely enthralled with.

Laura was very happy with her birthday.  We're also going to have a pizza party for her at school on Wednesday.  Happy birthday my little girl.

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