Saturday, September 13, 2008


Actually, this photo was from Thursday showing what a bad mother I have been.  I gave Laura chocolate cake for breakfast.  Hey, who doesn't love chocolate cake for breakfast?

Laura woke up at 10AM this morning.  Yes, it's another example of bad parenting because I put her to bed around 11PM last night.  To reward her for letting me sleep in, I let her do some cleaning.  Good girl, Laura.

Later, I taught her how to play hopscotch.

Look at this midair action shot!

Late in the afternoon, we went to the mall.  Yes, more quality time with mama.  We went to the food court for dinner where there was nothing but lovely delicious greasy chinese food, pizza and hamburger with fries and I asked Laura what she wanted and she said "I want a salad". Then after I picked myself off the floor, I asked her again and she said "I want a salad".   And even after pushing her to the aroma of a nearby deep fryer, I finally relented and took her to Au Bon Pain which is at a different level of the mall.
We got salad and vegetarian chili with whole wheat grainy bread.  Maybe she's thinking that mama is gaining too much weight on her time off!

I guess it's true.  She's thinking, yeah mama, lay off the fries.

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