Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laura's birthday

Saturday, September 20.
Laura got dressed and then cuddled back into bed to watch some tv.  A special treat for the birthday girl.
We did some errands first and got my dad fitted for his tuxedo for the wedding.  Laura knocked down one of the mannequins and almost had a melt down.  As soon as she did it, she kept saying over and over in a loud voice "I'm sorry, I'm sorry".  
Then we brought some mums to my mom's gravesite.

We stopped off at Target and my dad bought her this etch a sketch thingy.  We had dinner at Outback steakhouse.

We stopped and got a small Carvel ice cream cake and celebrated Laura's birthday at my dad's place.

Instead of laughing and acting happy, she was all verklept acting like a 39 year old woman on her 40th birthday.  Oops, that's gonna be me.  Oy veh.

Then Laura and Ymo watched the Little Mermaid Beginnings.  

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Yo sista said...

That Little Mermaid video was so much fun! Well, the half of it that we watched then Laura got too scared!! I wish you got the video of her practically crying saying "I love it! I love it!"