Sunday, July 20, 2008

Philly visit

We got to Ha dah buh gee's place on Tuesday afternoon.

We had dinner at a Korean restaurant called Gaya with some of his friends. It was just ok.
On Wednesday, we took a short trip to my old high school because I heard it was going to be torn down (it will be in a couple of years). Then a trip to a Korean grocery store where Laura picked up some treats for Zoe and Aaron.
Zoe gave this Polly Pocket's cruise ship to Laura.
That dog in the background is Walter. He's 3 years old and an old soul. Very sweet dog. After about an hour, Laura really liked the dogs (they have 2).
We played a little tennis.
Then Rita's!
On Thursday, we drove to Ocean City, NJ with my dad and his friends. Laura had a blast.
Korean people don't wear bathing suits and don't swim in the ocean.
I know, this is cheesy. Click on the photo and you can see Laura peeping through the sandal strap.
We took a stroll on the board walk and got some ice cream and boardwalk fries.
Friday, we went bowling with my dad and his friends. Laura had a great time bowling.
Then we had dinner with Jackson and his parents at their new home. Laura regresses when she's with Jackson.
On Saturday, we vegged out and didn't do much. Don't ask me what's going on in this picture. We left on Saturday night.
Thanks, Ha da buh gee for a terrific visit.


Yo sista said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures! It looks like you had a nice visit. Jim wants to know why you didn't take a picture of my drawing! I like that last picture where you can clearly see my high school yearbook photo on the piano. Ha ha! I'm sad I missed it. Darn honeymoon is using all of my vacation days this year!

Laura's mom said...

I did take a photo of your drawing but didn't include it.
By far, Ocean city and bowling was the highlight. It went way too fast though.