Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4

During the day, Laura picked these yellow weeds, I mean, flowers for me from the lawn.

We went to Leila and her new brother, Alex's house for an informal bbq. Leila's almost 2 years younger than Laura and likes to say "Dah". She was entralled with Laura.

I took some photos of all the flowers in their yard. It makes me love summer.
Laura wanted to swim but it was too cold so she just dipped her feet in their pool.
They also have a mulberry tree in the back yard and we harvested a ton of berries that Laura gobbled up. Leila didn't care for them. They were yummy.

Then the girls had dinner together and a little bit of activity afterwards.

We got home in time to watch a little bit of the fireworks on tv.

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