Monday, July 07, 2008

Colors of the rainbow

After her swimming lesson on Sunday, I noticed that she had a fever (I should have known since she was all clingy and did not do well in her class and kept shivering even though the water was warm (I know, I'm a bad mom)). Anyway, her dad stayed home with her today but had to go to a meeting at 11am so he dropped her off at my work for about an hour then he picked her back up and took her to her pediatrician (who found nothing). Probably just a virus.

Anyway, this morning, when I was checking her temperature, I looked in her ear and she had lodged a small pink bead in it. Ugh. I had to get some tools to get that out but essentially, she was pretending to put some earrings on her unpierced ears.

She must not be feeling that bad because she rode her bicycle around the block twice and then sang this little song just before bed.

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