Sunday, June 29, 2008


We did the usual Sunday routine: 2hrs of tennis, Laura had her swim lesson, late lunch at Panera's.
Later that afternoon, Laura and I decided to walk to Sugar Bakery for some Woopie Pies. I called Thomas to see if he would like to join us for a walk with his dad. It was nice and sunny and in the 80's. Thomas was looking for some ants to eat.

When we got to the bakery, it was closed so we went to the ice cream place next door. As soon as we left, there was a downpour. We (Thomas' dad and I) kept dry under the T station platform. The kids, however, went crazy in the rain.

They were having a great time until Laura tripped and scraped her knee. Look at that face.
Thomas' mom picked us up.
Laura was asking Thomas to stop screaming. Why do boys scream so much?


Yo sista said...

Poor Laura! I'm assuming the video was before she fell but I could be wrong. Kids are resilient. My phone died this weekend so I was without it. Just got home and I am exhausted! We got a lot of wedding stuff done so feel like we've gotten a lot accomplished.

Laura's mom said...

The video was before the spill. Thomas' mom picked us up just after she fell so they were already soaking wet.