Thursday, June 19, 2008

Preschool graduation

Laura graduated from preschool on Thursday night and is now entering.... preschool. Okay, it was more a ceremony for the kids that are leaving and going into kindergarten.

Here are Laura's buddies, Rory and Thomas.

Here's Patsy, the owner.
Start humming the graduation theme: daaaa dadada daaaa daaaa
Laura receiving her diploma.
The ceremony was all of 5 minutes and they hired a clown to entertain the kids afterwards. As soon as she showed, Laura panicked and one of her teachers brought her to me b/c Laura is deathly afraid of clowns and almost had a meltdown. I was kinda scared of this one too.
Laura just hung out with me and ate some snacks and then went off to play by herself.
They got these ring pops and a present (sidewalk chaulk) for their graduation presents.


Yo sista said...

Oh lord. Is this what this country has come to?? "Graduating" preschool?! That's up there with every kid getting a trophy because "every kid is a winner!" Whatevs.

Yo sista said...

Although the picture of her in the cap is adorable!!!

Laura's mom said...

Believe me. No one really took it seriously but there were mobs of parents with cameras. Laura will be losing some of her friends but NOT Thomas, thank goodness.