Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday, June 7

After a whole week of cold and rainy weather, the weather changed drastically to a hot hot summer day. Laura and I ate Ramen noodles and kimchi for lunch. Then I ran some errands and we got ice cream at dairy freeze. Yummy! Laura got the orange sherbert/vanilla combo.
Then she begged me to go to the park so I took her to one that has water sprinklers because it was so hot.
Thomas just happened to be there when we walked in. He would go into the sprinklers and then run back to us and say "I'm all wet".

I was exhausted from the heat when I got home. Hubby made some really saucy ribs for dinner. Then we got some treats at Sugar bakery and got some movies for the night. That's a great summer day.

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