Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday January 28, 2007

Thomas' family came over for dinner.
I told Laura that they were coming about an hour before their arrival and she was so excited. She kept running to the door and expecting them to come in.
When Thomas did arrive, she just cried and whined all night long because he was playing with her toys. Granted she did not sleep well the night before and did not have a nap. What a terrible hostess.
Thomas was a good boy throughout the evening except for dinner time. He taught Laura how to play with food and she imitated everything such as repeatedly putting salad in the cup then out on the plate, mashing the mashed potato in her hands, swirling their food in their bowl! Anyway, they both hardly ate any of their dinner and their entire meal consisted of this photo where they were competing to see who could wolf down the most carrot cake.

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