Monday, January 15, 2007


Why does it seem that I am always seeing a doctor for Laura during a holiday?
Today is cold and rainy. The last couple of nights, Laura has not slept well. She seemed to have a low grade fever last night (plus she is all acting needy and whiny which I finally realized is a sign that she doesn't feel well (yes, it has taken me this long)). Yesterday, I noticed a lot of crusting in her eyes and a little shade of pink. By this morning, she could barely get her eyes open because of the crust. blechhh.
Anyway, I took her to the pediatrician today and she has a low grade fever of 100.4, has conjunctivits (duh) AND ear infections in BOTH ears (apparently they go together). Augmentin twice a day for 10 days. No daycare tomorrow which has screwed hubby's schedule. No picture for a while due to downloading malfunction on the camera. I'll have to get that fixed soon. I'm sure everyone is just so disappointed at not seeing some nasty pink eye.


minsuhson said...

I hope Laura gets better soon! Or else I may have to report you to the authorities... though I don't know if pink eye is a criminal offense.

Laura's mom said...

You should call them, I'll give you their number b/c now I am sick as a dog and miserable. Pink eye, a sty on my left eye, GI distress, sore throat with phlegm, blech. All the lovely things to look forward to when you have one of your own!

Yo sista said...

Remember when we all had pink eye? It was when we were in Pennypack. We had to stay in bed and I remember Dad putting this gunk in my eyes. Hmmm...maybe it was just me.

Laura's mom said...

I don't remember that. It must have been only you or like many things in our childhood, I've just blocked it out of my consciousness. Hmmm. I'm getting something. You think they could have put cambison in our eyes? I mean it cures everything!