Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Holidays.
Not very festive this year. We didn't even put a tree up. BLASPHEMY!
Here is a package that Laura got from her grandmother. Toy makeup, fannie pack, and snacks. She especially loves the lipstick.

Laura at mommy's work. All dressed up. No daycare due to the holidays.

Laura's present from Thomas. A dollhouse. She LOVES this present and has been playing nonstop with it.

Her trip to Tampa with her father for Christmas to see Janise and family.

Back home after Christmas to open her presents.
Look at these AWESOME gifts from Santa!

More salami to end the holiday season.

New years eve. The family went to see "Happy Feet" for the 7:15pm show. Laura started getting antsy at the halfway point but did well overall. Came home and tried to keep Laura up but she collapsed by 10:30pm. Then the parents collapsed by 11:30pm and didn't even see the fire works on tv. LAME-O. Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

That is the biggest slice of salami I have ever seen!

Happy new years!! XOXO Minsuh