Sunday, February 07, 2010


Laura did this little project last week. It's called Pixos and it is really neat. We first saw it at Thomas' when she went over a few weeks ago. These are tiny beads and you can make a design on the plastic base.
She made half a blue flower and a picture of herself.

After you are done, you spritz it with water and then let it dry.
This is a few days later, it gels together.

On Sunday, we did our usual gym day. I played tennis and then took her swimming. I went into the pool today and it's such a hassle but we had a good time.
Afterwards, we came home and she finished all of her Valentine's cards for her class. It took about 3 to 4 days for her to finally write all of her classmates names on the card.

She also has another project due in several weeks. It will be 100 days that she has attended kindergarten so she has to make something with 100 things. We had made some hearts a while back using paper so I thought it would be a simple project just to string it on some yarn and make a necklace.

She started getting tired. I told her she could leave it for another time but she continued and trudged on. She did the remaining 20 on the floor with a little bit of drama.

Finally done! 100 doesn't look too impressive.

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