Saturday, August 08, 2009

Thomasina's visit!

Thomasina and her mother came to us for the weekend.
We went blueberry picking on a gorgeous Saturday in Franklin. The blueberries were fantastic.

Then we went to Onset beach again. We played in the water and the sand. There weren't as many hermit crabs as last weekend but there was plenty to do.

Fruit rollup.

Giant bubbles!

Laura buried my feet.

We had sandwiches and cheezits for lunch.
Then I buried Laura in the sand.

Pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert!

Saturday night, I checked on Laura and she had a 103 degree fever. Ugh. She still ran a fever this morning and it thwarted our plans for day. She was doing better so we just took the girls to the park before saying good bye to Thomasina and her mom! Hope you come back and visit us again.

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