Monday, August 24, 2009


I bought a couple of lobsters today. Laura was fascinated by them and was rather excited about the whole thing, talking in a loud voice. She kept poking at them and kept yapping nonstop.

She helped me cook them and kept asking all sorts of crazy questions like "did they close their eyes?" "What's coming out of their mouth?" (tentacles). "Are they dead?"

I made her take a big bite of lobster drenched in butter and she said "I don't like it!". Ugh. I was so disappointed so I made her take another big bite and she still didn't change her mind.
She ate corn, fries and cole slaw for dinner.


Yo sista said...

You mean antenna, not tentacles. Well, if Laura doesn't like them, more for you!!! Yummy!

Laura's mom said...

Yes. I thought I wrote antennas. I actually told her antennas too. It's all the lack of sleep!