Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday, August 1

We did a lot today.
When Laura got up in the morning, I went back to bed with her and we snuggled for 10 whole minutes and then we started out day. Laura washed the front hall floors while I worked in the kitchen.

She loves singing the Cinderella song while she washes the floor.

After showering and then getting dressed, Laura helped me finish staining the rest of the front porch. We went to the library but it was closed on Saturdays for the summer. Picked up dry cleaning then we came back home, ate some lunch and started our drive to Onset beach.
This was a great little beach with a lot of boats and the water was very calm. Also people had their dogs on the beach too which I never see at other beaches. Laura thought the water was warm.

There were tons of hermit crabs in the water and we caught a few. Laura was too scared to touch them but we ended up taking 3 small ones back home.

We then headed back home, stopped off at Walmart for necessities and came home exhausted. Phew.

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