Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Laura helped me to make my Mother's Day cake.  She tried to help me decorate it this morning but kept getting distracted and couldn't get the icing out of the tubes.  Essentially, she just ate frosting this morning.

After Laura got dressed, she decided that she wanted to dance.

After her dance moves, she begged me to go to the gym so she could do some Yoga.  I played an hour of tennis.  Then I took her to Lars Anderson park.  

It was a gorgeous day but really windy.  It was packed and Laura had a great time.  Laura finally learned how to get across the monkey bars.

We went back home and planted 2 tomato and 1 jalapeno for our very limited deck garden.
We had a big dinner and ate the chocolate cake for dessert.  Yum yum.

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