Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Laura and I took a quick trip to visit Hah Dah Buh Gee for the weekend. We drove down on Friday morning and arrived around 2PM.
We enjoyed some Rita's water ice.  Yummy.
On Saturday, there was a small picnic for Korean veterans at Lotimer Park in Northeast Philly. It was  a nice park.  Not many people showed but my dad met up with a few of his friends.  It was very low key.

That night, we just hung out and got some Burger King whoppers for dinner at my dad's request.

On Sunday, Laura and I ate breakfast (yep, that's cereal and kimchi) and packed up to go visit Ymo in New York.
We got to Brooklyn about 1PM.  We had lunch with Ymo at Height's cafe and then we walked around and went to a small playground.  It was very hot and humid.

For dinner: Iron Chef sushi (my favorite place).
I picked up some bagels and lox spread to take back to Boston and Laura needed to have a slice before we left.
We left Brooklyn at 8:30pm and got back to Boston past midnight.  

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Yo sista said...

Wow, her hair is looking so beautiful. Love the shot of her with the watermelon. Yer photog skillz are getting better!