Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday. Nice day.

As soon as I got Laura home, she got a piece of paper and coloring pencil out and started frantically drawing.
She was deep in concentration.
This is what she drew.  It's a picture of Laura going down the stairs to go to the bathroom while mom and dad are in bed.  Looks like mom and dad are sleeping in coffins or the coffins are sliding down the stairs.   I guess this was something that she had to draw immediately.  I don't even want to know the symbolism of this one.
More stickers on her head.  Very chic.
It was such a nice day today so we went outside to walk around.  The neighborhood kids were out so Laura hung out with them.  They found a caterpillar in one of the yards and Laura was completely fascinated.  

Laura was really excited about the caterpillar and so we took it home, put it in a container with some leaves and we'll see if this turns into a butterfly.  She named him Sleepy.  I checked and it's not dead, if any of you were wondering.


Yo sista said...

I remember when I would come home with all the monarch caterpillars from playing at the train tracks and I would put them in cigar boxes. Eventually, Mom would find them and throw them away after they had spun a cocoon. It was kind of gross.

Laura's mom said...

I thought you were going to comment about the coffins!
I don't remember you bringing home the caterpillars. This little green guy wrapped the side of the leaf around him like a little blanket. I think he's still alive. I guess it was appropriate that she named him Sleepy. Every day Laura looks in the container and says "He's still sleeping."